Dwarf Apples

Saying we’re passionate about apples is an understatement! The apples you get in stores today are nothing compared to the varieties that are truly available! Today’s varieties are bred for our current pallet and for longevity under refrigeration, which is why there are usually only a couple of varieties in store like Red Delicious, Pink Lady or Granny Smith regularly and the likes of Royal Gala, Fuji or Braeburn in the late Summer months.

Do you realise that you can have fresh, in season apples in Australia from late December (early Summer) through to late July (mid Winter)! There are literally hundreds of different apple varieties out there which most people are not even aware of! Our goal is to provide our customers with seven months of amazing apple flavours … some of our fruits even have hints of other flavours like bananas, strawberries or even pineapples.

In 2014, we had 64 different varieties of apples on our property. In 2015, we have started with 96! Not all of them large enough to produce significant crops of fruit yet though … but they will soon!

As we harvest our different apple varieties, we will post the information in our Blog “From the Farm”. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. To contact us, you can go through Facebook or leave a reply below.

Apples - Jonathan

Apple Trees For Sale

Want to buy your very own apple tree? Something that doesn’t grow too tall, let’s say 2 metres max? Then look no further than our Super Dwarf Apples! They are all $27.50 each.

Here are the remaining varieties we are able to offer you on a Super Dwarf rootstock. Fill in the form below to order your favourite apple.

The following varieties are already sold out. Sorry!

  • Frequin Tardive de Sarthe (SOLD OUT)
  • Freyberg (SOLD OUT)
  • Fuji (SOLD OUT)
  • Kids Orange Pippin (SOLD OUT)
  • Murray Gem (SOLD OUT)
  • Mutsu/Crispin (SOLD OUT)
  • Pomme de Neige (SOLD OUT)
  • Red Delicious (SOLD OUT)
  • Rome Beauty (SOLD OUT)
  • Scarlett Pearmain (SOLD OUT)
  • Spartan (SOLD OUT)
  • Stark’s Earliest (SOLD OUT)
  • Staymans Winesap (SOLD OUT)
  • Sturmer Pippin (SOLD OUT)
  • Summer Strawberry (SOLD OUT)

We will be taking orders starting in March 2015 for bare-rooted trees to be shipped in June-August.

Custom grown apple trees

Want us to grow an apple tree especially for you? Then let us know what variety you are after, and we will graft it for you in August. Feel free to review our current variety list on our blog post here.

Your customer tree can be super dwarf (2m), dwarf (3-4m) or large (9m). Contact us to get more information.

Orders for custom grown trees require a deposit to be paid by the 1st of June.

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