Royal Gala apple

Appearance: This apple bears small to medium sized orange to red coloured fruit with a yellow undertone. The flesh is white tending to cream or pale yellow as it ripens.

Taste: The fruit is very juicy, sweet and has a fuller flavour when younger. The flavour changes during storage, keeping its sweetness but loosing its’ distinct flavour. It rivals the red delicious in its ability to be stored for more than 3 months in good conditions. It is excellent as a juicing apple when freshly picked.

Pollination: This variety is partially self fertile. This means that if you are OK with only a couple of fruit each year, then you won’t need another apple variety for cross pollination. This apple belongs to Pollination Group 4, so if you want more fruit to set, ensure that there is an apple nearby that belongs to pollination group 3, 4 or 5.

Harvest time: End of Summer to early Autumn

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