Fuji apple

A regular favourite in supermarkets due to its beautiful appearance and long shelf life. This apple develops an amazing sweetness when left to ripen on the tree … if you can wait for it that is!

Developed in Japan at the Tohoku Research Station, it was released to the public in 1962 and is still a favourite today.

Appearance: This apple bears a nice round  medium sized fruit with a bright red almost crimson skin. The flesh is white and firm.

Taste: The fruit is juicy and very sweet. Delicious fresh or juiced.

Pollination: This variety is self fertile but is in Pollination Group 4. To get exceptional fruit set, it is advised to have other apples nearby who are in either pollination groups 3, 4 or 5 nearby, but this is not necessary.

Harvest time: End of Autumn. Please be aware that the first few crops may not have a full flavour as an older tree has been found to produce better flavoured fruit.

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