Look a chook!

Chickens would have to be the most amazing and versatile animal you can have on any farm … or even back yard really. They are curious, friendly and provide you with fresh eggs most of the year and clean up all of your left overs without any fuss! They are just brilliant!

Here, we grow three breeds of standard sized chicken; Barnevelders, Plymouth Rocks and Araucana. Each breed has its own merit and will be discussed in the blog posts.

In 2014, we started developing several distinct breeding lines for each of our breeds. This is to ensure that there is enough genetic diversity across our flock for future generations. Check out some of our chook specific items in the Online Store or if you have a specific question, drop us a line! We love chook talk!

Our early 2015 meat bird schedule was very successful! If you would like one of our pasture raised heritage roosters for your table, please contact us. Our details are available on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Littlefieldmice

Meat and egg chicks growing up together

All our meat birds and egg birds grow up together and learn how to forage for food. They get given crickets, roaches, worms, slugs, fresh garden greens, warm oats on a cold morning (yes, we care for our birds!) and plenty of high protein feed to get healthy little bodies growing.

Our next breeding season starts in August 2015. We will be breeding the following lines of birds;

  • Standard Araucana (blue and green egg laying birds)
  • Double laced Barnevelder (both blue laced and gold laced)
  • Standard Plymouth Rock
  • Rose comb Plymouth Rock

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