Golden Delicious apple

When this apple starts to ripen, its skin changes from green to a beautiful golden colour. It has fallen out of favour with many suppliers for some reason, but it is undeniably an amazingly flavoured fruit.

Appearance: Medium to large fruit with a yellow to golden coloured skin, tending to orange when left to ripen on the tree. The flesh has a greenish colour when picked early but changes to white then yellow as it matures.

Taste: The fruit is juicy and can be eaten fresh or cooked. When cooked, it keeps its shape well, making a very nice pie apple …. yum!

Pollination: This variety belongs to Pollination Group 4 and is partially self-fertile. This means that if you want to have a couple of apples, you can just plant this tree in your garden or on your patio if your tree is grafted to M27 rootstock. If you want a large number of fruit, you will need to have another apple nearby belonging to Pollination groups 3, 4 or 5

Harvest time: End of Autumn

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