Foxes and the devastation they can cause.

Running a farm, there are always ups and downs and what keeps us going is focusing on the good things that happen; new additions to the farm, fruit harvests, new buildings (you get the idea)! What we cannot stand is waste … senseless waste due to excess.

Sadly, this post is about the only wild animal we have no respect for … the fox. An introduced species, while beautiful to look at and clever to boot, if this little critter behaved more like a hungry animal than a rabid human … the farming world would be a happier place. If you are queasy … please do not read on as there is an image of the outcome at the end.

It is unfortunate for us, that a fox (or more than one for that matter) managed to get into our breeding chicken coup and decimated the entire flock! This is what angers us! We’re OK with the local wedge tailed eagle pair that occasionally take a chook, they only ever take one and we’ll admit look majestic doing it. We’re OK with the occasional fruit bat nibbling at some of the apples, its usually only the top tree fruit they take. We’re even OK with occasionally having to loose a bed of tomatoes to fruit flies if it has been a particularly wet and humid year. Them’s the breaks. But when an animal like a fox gets access to chickens … nothing short of hell breaking loose is the best description of the aftermath.

We found 31 beautiful birds scattered and dead one morning. It was heart breaking. All those friendly chooks and roosters senselessly killed. Necks snapped and left intact for most too. We don’t like to write about the sad things that happen around here, but sometimes we need to remember them to ensure we learn from them. One thing is for certain, we have finally invested in a trap and we’re looking into getting a dog or two from the local animal shelter sooner rather than later.

We can definitely say that electrified chicken fences work wonders. Also having a wire skirt or mesh around a fence also stops foxes from digging, but NEVER let anyone tell you that a pen is fox proof at 1.8m (6 foot) because the little blighters can still climb over if they put their mind to it!!!

Rest in peace our little flock. We’re sorry that we couldn’t keep you safe.

Chicken masacre by foxes

(Not all animals are pictured as their carcasses were not in a condition we believed people would be comfortable viewing).

8 thoughts on “Foxes and the devastation they can cause.

  1. I am so sorry. I never realised foxes killed just for the fun of it. Thought only humans did that. It is just awful. They were such beautiful birds with such a remarkable temperament (allowing young children to pick them up for cuddles). I am sorry my friend.

    1. Yeah, foxes tend to go into a killing frenzy unless disturbed by something. Its a pity that all the roosters were taken because they were so friendly and cuddly. *sigh*
      On the up side, my son created for me a “memorial chicken statue”. He asked to be shown how to use the jigsaw and 30 mins later presented me with a new chicken. 🙂

  2. Aaaww, how sad! I’m glad I haven’t had to deal with foxes, though we do have hawks, opossums, and racoons lurking around. My parents had a dog who could climb over a twelve-foot fence, so I can believe foxes would have similar abilities if motivated enough. I hope the predators will leave your chickens alone in the future. Have a great day!

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