Apple varieties we have available

We constantly get asked what apple varieties we have available on our farm. So, for those who are not feint hearted, here is a list of all the domestic varieties we have available for cultivation (currently 73 to save you from counting). If you want any scions for grafting, let us know and we will let you know if there are some available and when we can ship them. Alternatively, contact us and we can custom grow an apple tree for you on either a super dwarf (2m), dwarf (3-4m) or large (9m) rootstock.


The varieties we have listed below are all publicised cultivars. We also have a collection of feral apples with some amazing flavours. We have not included these in our list below.

Abas / Abbas
Andre Sauvage
Beauty of Bath
Belle Cacheuse
Belle de Boskoop
Bess Pool
Black winesap
Blenheim Orange
Campbelltown Russet
Cleopatra (Y9)
Cleopatra (Ortley)
Cox Orange Pippin
Crofton Red
Devonshire Quarrenden
Duke of Clarence
Fenoiullet Gris
Frequin Tardive De Sarthe
Frequin Rouge
Glen Vimey
Golden Delicious
Golden Harvey
Granny Smith
Hubbardson Nonsuch
Ida Red
Improved Foxwhelp
Irish Peach
Kandil Sinap
Kids Orange Pippin
Kingston Black
Merton Worchester
Murray Gem
Mutsu (Crispin)
Pine Golden Pippin
Pink Lady
Pomme de Neige
Red Chief
Red Delicious
Red Jonathan
Reinette Doree
Rome Beauty
Royal Gala
Scarlet Pearmain
Somerset Redstreak
Starks’ Earliest
Staymans Winesap
Sturmer Pippin
Summer Strawberry
Twenty Ounce
Vista Bella
Wandin Pride
White Transparent
White Winter Pearmain
Winter Banana

5 thoughts on “Apple varieties we have available

  1. I would like to order 1 super dwarf tree in Jonagold & 1 super dwarf in Red Delicious please. When would payment be required?

    1. Great Linda. A deposit of $10 per tree is required which we will invoice you for. Please let us know if you would like to pick them up or would like them delivered. The balance will be due in early December as soon as the trees are ready for collection or delivery. I can email you the particulars if you would like.

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