Kids are capable of the most amazing things.

Earlier this weekend, we posted about a sad day where our breeder chicken flock was slaughtered by foxes (see here for details). But what has kept us smiling through the whole ordeal, is the heart melting kindness shown to me by Master 7.

We recently set up a workbench for Master 7. And while initially we thought it was an awesome idea that he was outside always building something, the constant hammering for a good hour does tend to make the nerves a tad raw!

…. but that’s off topic. Master 7 decided to make a memorial plaque for all the chickens so that they can be remembered … unknown to us at this time. So, there came a point where all the hammering stopped and a Master 7 asked if he could be taught how to use a jigsaw. Teaching children the proper and safe way to use power tools are important lessons. Master 7 knows he is not allowed to use anything powered unless he is supervised, so we thought “sure”. And off he went with Daddy and learned a new skill.

Thirty minutes later, this is what he produced … complete with claws, tail and moving legs. This will be one of those things that will be hanging up in our barn when we’re in our 80’s, covered in dust and a few cob webs and people will look at it and say …. “What is that?”. *sigh*

So proud of you our Little Man!



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