Harvest Share 2016: Mid-season Feedback Form

There are only six weeks left in our Harvest Share for 2016 and we hope that you have enjoyed your produce so far.

To help us to improve what we do next time, we would love to hear back from you about our produce.

To jog your memory, here is a list of the vegetables we have provided so far…

  • Leafy greens (silverbeet, kale, sorrel and mixed lettuce)
  • Root vegetables (leeks, white onions, white beetroot, white potatoes [sebago], pink potatoes [pontiac])
  • Herbs (oregano, rosemary, parsley, lemon thyme, garlic chives)
  • Legumes (podded peas, broad beans)
  • Mushrooms and asparagus
  • Tomatoes, pumpkin, cucumbers, eggplant, capsicum (yellow banana and green), zucchini